It’s not about health

First of all there are several useful links that speak for themselves:

A while ago someone asked me if I was going to do the work sponsored Zumba program.  I was surprised by the question because I am not A) a good dancer B) into aerobics or C) someone who participates in after work functions.  When I told them no and asked why they thought I would, the response was:

“You’re into all that healthy stuff , riding your bike and sports”

I often get similar questions about my food because I am vegan.  Someone will see me with french fries or a cookie and say “Why are you eating that, you usually eat so healthy?”  And the response to these questions is the same:

It’s not about health.

I guess I should clarify, it not about MY health.  I avoid all animal products for the health of the animals and the planet and ride my bike for many of the same reasons.  Don’t get me wrong,  the health benefits  are great and have been proven scientifically over and over.  Riding keeps my blood pressure down, my weight under control and my lungs working well.  It also gets me a good dose of natural vitamin D from the sunlight and keeps my joints moving.   But I would still ride if none of this were true.

I ride because I don’t want to pollute the air.  I ride because I don’t want to my money to be used to drill in to the ground for oil.  I ride because every time I see wildlife killed by a car it hurts my heart.  I ride because it’s completely unnecessary that thousands of people are killed by reckless driving every year.  I ride because it is the best way I can protect and preserve the world that supports and sustains me.

When people assume that I bike to be healthy I always think they have it backward.  I am fit because I cycle but I do not cycle to be fit.  I cycle because it’s what I want to do, what I need to do and what needs to be done.

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