Tour De Pawn

A couple months ago my bike was stolen.  It was locked to a rack at Yale and someone decided I didn’t deserve it anymore.  OR that it was a quick way to get money.
That was a pretty upsetting experience.  I was very angry. I filed a report with the police, contacted all the people I know in New Haven , and posted on Craigslist in case anyone saw it.  There was no response, of course, so I continued to silently wish ill of the poor excuse for a human being that took it.
On the more productive side, I filed a claim with my homeowner’s insurance.  They sent me a form to fill out the value of the bike and all that I had put on it.  I filled it out and they were very prompt to send me a check for the value less the $500 deductible.  Well done Amica.

I have not replaced this bike yet because I can’t seem to make up my mind whether to get something similar or something more practical.  The stolen bike was a 2005 Jamis Quest:What I like about this bike was that it was a) FAST!  , b) comfortable and c) FAST!  It was a steel frame with carbon components and  aero wheels.  The official Jamis description said something like “You won’t be winning any races  but this bike eats up pavement”.   Truer words could not be said.  Even after adding a rear rack and pannier this bike could move.

While speed made me happy on everyday commutes and long rides,  there were times when I wanted more ability to carry cargo.  Don’t get me wrong I carried many large loads but they were precarious at times.   Also the times I rode just for the sake of riding were few and far between.   So couple that fact with my desire to conserve natural resources  and you see my hesitation to buy a new bike. I could replace it with the latest model but then I think about getting something more suited to carrying stuff.    I looked at an Aurora Elite , also by Jamis ,  because it has improved carry capacity and I like the disc brakes.  With all it’s advantages I still wonder if I might miss the speed of a pure road bike.

In my current state of indecision I decided to check the New Haven pawn shops in hopes of finding my missing friend.  I didn’t hold out much hope but if I could find my bike it was worth a try.  Mapquest listed 10 in the general New Haven area of which it turned out 2 were out of business, 3 only bought and sold gold and jewelry,  2 were closed and although 3 had a few bikes none were mine.  While I expected as much it was still sad.

I have neither resolved my indecision nor brought the person that caused it to justice.  I hope for better luck in the future.

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2 Responses to Tour De Pawn

  1. joseph says:

    I was researching this bike an find it odd that there is one in austin tx with what seems the same pump and maybe water bottle?

  2. bendicoot says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I don’t think that is mine, Mine was a larger size than the one advertised.

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